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Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM)
is the UK partner for the maintracⓇ

Company Name: AONM/Maintrac®
Tel: 03331 210 305


maintrac® is a unique system for counting and characterising circulating epithelial tumour cells (CETCs) in a “liquid biopsy”.

The tests can also measure the chemosensitivity of different agents, and apoptotic effectiveness on a specific patient’s cells. The tumour characteristics can be continuously monitored.

In this video Professor Katharina Pachmann
gives a brief overview of maintrac® testing and
its unique characteristics.

maintrac® can serve as a success parameter and may be used to inform personalised therapeutic decisions.

● Real time monitoring using a 15ml blood sample
● High sensitivity in patients with primary tumours
● Cell counts between 10 – 100,000 cells/ml
● Characterisation of therapy-relevant tumour properties
● Identification of the most effective therapeutic agents

maintrac® has been analysed and validated in clinical trials and the testing is performed in a DIN ISA 15189 EU accredited laboratory (the most rigorous possible standards for laboratory testing in this field)


As one of the 15 most innovative European companies SIMFO GmbH is invited bythe European Commission to the Bio International Convention (BIO) 2017 topresent maintrac® liquid biopsy under the patronage of the EU.


Read more: Simfo Gmbh presents maintrac Liquid Biopsy at the BIO Internationalconvention 2017

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