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Cancer Options and The Peat Institute are delighted to be part of this wonderful conference bringing great information to empower people dealing with cancer.

Cancer Options  is a private cancer consultancy which has for over 20 years researched  cancer treatment developments around the world. Bringing people the best advice and coaching on all integrative approaches to dealing with cancer.

In an increasingly complex world of information and opinion Cancer Options brings experience, expertise and perspective to your integrative approach to Cancer.


The PEAT Training in Cancer & Integrativ

The PEAT Institute led integrative practitioner Patricia Peat brings you one of the most comprehensive and advance training in Integrative Cancer Knowledge. Join leading expert Patricia Peat and become an expert in cancer knowledge.



AboutThe PEAT Cancer Course:


This unique and customisable course will enable you to gain hands-on expertise in the area of cancer. It has been created to suit all levels from beginners and seasoned practitioners. This is no ordinary course! We live in a new normal of overwhelming digital information. This 'learn-at-your-own-pace' course enables you to pick and choose the subject matters within oncology that are most important to your career and situation. Join expert Practitioner Patricia Peat with over 30 years’ experience in both orthodox and integrative cancer support and gain safe, practical and evidence-informed knowledge around cancer support.



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