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Dr Britt Cordi, PhDIf

Dr. Britt Cordi is the founder of Britt Superfoods, an international company producing organic, raw, vegan wheatgrass juice and other superfood juices, rich in natural nutrients. She has PhD in cell biology and has discovered the health benefits of wheatgrass juice and superfoods through her research and also through her own health issues.

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She works closely with health practitioners who recommend health enhancing natural foods to their clients to improve their health and wellness. She is passionate about applying a holistic 360° approach to health.

Britt regularly travels around the UK and Europe enthusing others through her talks on the latest research into how to maintain and improve our health through natural health foods and wheatgrass juice.

About Britt’s Superfoods

Britt’s Superfoods are award-winning experts in producing the very best Wheatgrass juice and other Superfood juices, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals needed for health and energy. They specialise in field-grown, organic and freshly frozen, which means the organic superfood juices have a very high nutritional value.

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