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Emma Sabin

As a breast cancer survivor, Emma has spent the last decade studying, training in, and living the post-cancer journey. She has combined first-hand experience of the vast array of cancer treatments with a background in management, understanding people and coaching to create the Shine Through Cancer programme. Her work with The Radical Remission Project strengthened her desire to impart what she’s learned to others who have been diagnosed with cancer. She knows that life after such a diagnosis does not have to be filled with fear. Instead, it can be an opportunity to grow, thrive, and even have fun again.

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About Shine Through Cancer

Shine Through Cancer provides a unique perspective on the healing journey, combining knowledge of the science underlying how the body heals with Emma’s own personal experience of the emotional journey.

Emma uses the research from Dr Kelly Turner's Radical Remission Project and the 10 Healing Factors to show her clients how to:
- Take charge of their healing process.
- Strengthen their immune system and metabolic health through diet and exercise.
- Develop a strong circadian rhythm to optimise sleep, balance hormones and reduce stress.
- Employ simple detoxification methods to reduce inflammation.
- Navigate their diagnosis, treatment, and the impact cancer has on their life and relationships.
- Build resilience, increase their sense of purpose and social support.
- Manage the emotional and spiritual elements of healing, whether dealing with repressed. emotions, increasing positive ones or rediscovering strong reasons for living.

Emma has lived through the fear and bewilderment of a cancer diagnosis and went on to invest the time and effort that developed her comprehensive understanding of the many options available for effective healing. 

Emma offers a caring hand, passes on learning, and helps those diagnosed with cancer regain their strength and joy.


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