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Hifas da Terra Ltd

17 Carlisle Street, First Floor
London, W1D 3BU
United Kingdom

Contact phone:  (+44) 787 930 6510


Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday: from 8:00 to 16:30h

Hifas da Terra is a Biotech company focused on the development of products to complement conventional oncology treatments.

Scientific evidence suggests that mushrooms have great potential to support cancer patients, especially those with nutritional deficiencies associated with this complex phenomenon.  We know that when nutritional status improves, immunological responses improve. As a consequence, both the risk of opportunistic infections and secondary effects may be reduced.

We can help you

Mushrooms have great potential to help those with a cancer diagnosis. The nutritional deficiencies associated with cancer are complex, but we know that improving nutritional status can improve the immune response and thereby reduce the risk of opportunistic infections and side effects. This is the first line of action of mushrooms in the complimentary support of cancer, but it is not the only one.

In addition to being an excellent nutritional supplement, multiple studies justify the use of mushrooms to enhance the effectiveness of chemo and radiotherapy, reduce pain among other side effects (loss of hair and appetite, vomiting, etc.). There is also evidence on the modulation of the immune response and, thanks to one of our R & D projects, we have demonstrated the anticancer activity of some of our mushroom extracts in cell lines.

We support you

Our nutritional supplements are coadjuvants to oncology treatments crafted fromspecific bioactive substances that help to improve patients’ quality of life.


We adhere to the strict GMP pharmaceutical quality standards

• Certified Excellence: Organic products free from maltodextrins, artificial colourings, heavy metals and other toxic substances.

• Standardised extracts: Highly concentrated ratios with standardised levels of bioactive ingredients.

• Vegetable capsules: We don’t use any ingredients from animals.

• Capsules – Protects Against Time: Exclusive capsule sealing system, packed in a controlled environment that avoids oxidation, keeping our mushroom constituents intact.


* None of our products interact with other drugs

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