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We are a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and scientifically researches plant-based preparations for integrative cancer treatment.


We aim to provide support to medical professionals, patients and their relatives, and to contribute to a better quality of life. Our holistic approach focuses not only on the disease but on each person as an individual.


Mistletoe in integrative cancer therapy


Already in the ancient world, mistletoe was used as a treatment for various diseases. For over 100 years it has been used in integrative cancer therapy. Various studies prove the effects of this unique plant.


Mistletoe grows very slowly: It is only ready to be harvested after about 12 to 15 years. Therefore, we have to tend to it carefully and plan ahead. We use plants from wild and cultivated areas in Switzerland, Germany and France. Immediately after harvesting, we transport them to our headquarters in Arlesheim, Switzerland, for further processing.


Our remedies are the product of artisanal work as you can see in the following video:





Please note that patients should always consult with their attending healthcare professional prior to treatment to discuss therapeutic options.

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