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Kathy Adams

Hello, I’m Kathy and I help people move forwards by working somatically on the body using EFT/Tapping as well as through sharing concerns and integrating other psychological approaches along with my cancer nursing and cancer health and well-being group facilitator experience.

I bring a counselling background and further training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and Matrix-Reimprinting (MRT) together with nearly 20 years of working as an Advanced Accredited EFT practitioner as my main modality.


I call this ‘INNER ENGINEERING’ and it’s an embodied approach which directly changes the state of your nervous system, thoughts and feelings. Together I will deeply listen to you and we will talk about and gently release the root causes of your distress that is stored in your cells, in your thoughts and belief system. It can be a surprisingly fast and easy approach. There can be rapid changes in how you feel and think which brings a sense of more ease and well-being. Compassion and even love for yourself and others will naturally strengthen. New ways of thinking and being can also emerge. Your immune system and how your organs and bio chemistry are functioning improves too.

I believe we can be hardwired to heal possibly even through a serious disease such as cancer. I have studied for many years with Dr Lissa Rankin who is a leader in understanding how humans can access radical healing states. It’s natural and very human to feel the suffering of fear, helplessness, and hopelessness that cancer can bring. I support people to empower themselves and build their confidence and trust that then brings meaning, purpose and well-being to their lives affected by cancer.


Ways I work

I offer 1 to 1 sessions online and in person on the south coast near Chichester

I run regular monthly well-being workshops with Aga Kehinde for the Yes to Life charity.

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