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Mr Joep Fernando, 

Current Primary Scar Clinician at Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust

Qualified Occupational Therapist (HCPC, RCOT), Specialist Hand Therapist, and Scar Therapist

At London Scar Therapy, we are a team of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists specialized in the treatment of full-body adult and childrens scarring.


We support with new or old probematic scarring, improving tissue health and empowering you to get back in control.

With an emphasis on getting to know you, we individualise our therapy and recommendations to suit you and your routine. We will recommend and carry out a range of non-invasive therapeutic treatments to improve the health of your scars. 


This may include; Scarworks Massage, Silicone Therapy, Compression Therapy, Skin Camouflage, Exercise and Advice, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage, Kinesiology Taping.

Who do we treat?

  • We will assess and treat scars anywhere on the body, whether they are new or older scars. See our bodymap for our most commonly treated scars.

  • New scars can be ‘unstable’ and need a helping hand to settle.

  • Scars are a normal response to healing, after a wound has closed. Several factors can cause scars to remain immature and result in symptoms such as the scar becoming: Red (Hypertrophic) Painful Itchy Sensitive to touch Increase in size (Keloids)

As qualified Occupational and Physiotherapists specialised in conservative scar treatment, we can best advise you how to manage your scars with scheduled follow up and assessment.

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