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Luke Watts

Luke Watts is a dynamic and hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) focused on redefining the future of healthcare in cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Statistics suggest that 1 in 2 of us will experience a cancer diagnosis. Luke is focused on reversing that trend using the only provable methodology, lifestyle intervention! Luke and his team created The Anti-Cancer Super 6, shifting how we approach six fundamentals of health: diet, exercise, stress, sleep, gut health and protection from toxins.

With half of all new cancer diagnoses in people of working age, it is Luke’s belief that we need to prioritise the workplace, creating an environment of supported lifestyle interventions and chronic illness risk reduction.

Taking the experience and knowledge gained over a decade, Luke has committed himself to developing innovative cancer journey support strategies, ultimately leading to his founding The Cancer Coach.

With access across eleven countries, The Cancer Coach is an international network of qualified health coaches specifically supporting people with cancer. Integrating evidence-based lifestyle protocols with a growing understanding of the behavioural dynamics of a person undergoing their cancer journey sets The Cancer Coach apart.


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