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Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

17th June Online Sessions

Why you need a team
kirsten Chick New Picture_edited.jpg

"Why you need a team"
with conference hosts Robin Daly and Kirsten Chick

9.00 - 9.20

Robin and Kirsten have both supported cancer patients for 20 years, and have seen first-hand the benefits of having an integrative cancer team. Here they introduce today’s theme and why it’s one they both feel so strongly about.

A nourishing approach to diet
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"A nourishing approach to diet"
with nutritional therapist Kirsten Chick

9.20 - 10.00

There are so many different ‘cancer diets’ out there, it can be very confusing figuring out what to eat. Kirsten will talk about why nutrition is so important, how to find the approach that is most nourishing for you, and how to take the stress out of mealtimes.

Movement is medicine

"Movement as medicine"
with Scarlett Roberts

10.00 - 10.45

There has been a great deal of research of late into the benefits to cancer patients of improving strength and fitness and of generally keeping moving. There are many options available to cater for every ability, from yoga and qi gong to running, swimming and dance. How can you find something you enjoy, and how much should you be pushing yourself?

Reconnecting with nature

"Reconnecting with nature and rhythms"
with Tracie Storey

11.15 - 12.00

Disconnecting from natural rhythms and cycles can disrupt hormone patterns that then influence our physical and mental health. Spending time in nature, on the other hand, can soothe the nervous system and reset our circadian rhythms. We can also learn to access the natural elements that live dormant in our own bodies, such as fire and water, and so activate our vital life force.
How can we keep reconnecting in our modern, busy, stressful lives?

Kitchen tips

"Kitchen tips and lunchtime cook-along"
with holistic chef Hayley North

12.00 - 12.45

If you want to eat more nourishing food, but feel you don’t have the time, energy, headspace or skills you need for the kitchen, then Hayley is here to help. Hayley will share her top tips to keep things simple but nourishing.
This session features a live cook-along to prepare your lunch!
See the resources list for the ingredients and equipment (pans, knives etc.) you’ll need. Or just relax and watch as an inspiration for later.

Cnecting your inner wisdom

"Connecting with your inner wisdom"
with breathwork coach and holistic mentor Sophie Trew

14.00 - 14.45

It’s easy to find your head spinning with science, results, opinions and options. How can you find that centred, calm space within, where you can make clear decisions? Sophie shares mindfulness and breathwork techniques to help you access wisdom and peace.

Something for everyon

"Something for everyone"
with Dr Catherine Zollman


14.45 - 15.30

Herbs, massage, shiatsu, hypnotherapy, art therapy, aromatherapy…

Dr Catherine  Zollman talks you through an array of complementary therapies available to you, and their key benefits, so you can start to decide what might help you.

Life balance and creativity

"Life balance and creativity"
with Health Coach Isabel Galiano

16.00 - 16.45

Having cancer can feel like a full time job, so it’s important to make sure your weeks are well balanced. How can you make time for you, your loved ones, work, all your appointments, work commitments, self-care, creativity and rest? Isabel shares some Cancer Coach wisdom to help you find your flow.

How to get started
kirsten Chick New Picture_edited.jpg

"How to get started"
with nutritional therapist Kirsten Chick

16.45 - 17.05

The first step in Building your Integrative Team starts now. Kirsten sums up the day, and facilitates a space where you can integrate what you’ve learnt today, and start to form your own plan

"Next steps and further resources"
with Robin Daly

17.05 - 17.15

Yes to Life is with you every step of the way. Robin describes the resources available to you via the charity, that you can draw on to help you build your team. He also gives you a glimpse into what you can expect to experience in Part 2 of this conference series in London in October.

Next steps and further
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