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General Enquiries:

Phone: +44 (0)7979615365

Marketing/Press Enquiries:

Contact: Niamh Byron

Student Support Enquiries:

Contact: Amanda-Jayne Crompton


The Minded Institute (TMI) is a leading yoga therapy educator. The UK-based institute is known for working at the interface between yoga therapy, mindfulness, neurophysiology, psychotherapeutic principles, and evidence-based practice. 


Article of 25 words in a conference e-newsletter: 


The Minded Institute has evaluated growing evidence for the efficacy of therapeutic yoga as a complementary therapy within cancer care. Established organisations appreciate the enormous potential that it has, and just how much more we must work to make yoga more available to cancer patients in the UK.

Links to your resources and information:


The Minded Institute has a number of resources available to support cancer care as well as yoga and health professionals looking to support others in their cancer journey.


Learn therapeutic yoga skills for depression and anxiety that can often occur when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 


Learn yoga and mindfulness techniques for chronic pain that may continue long after the injury or treatment is over and can range from mild to severe.


Visit The Minded Institute youtube channel which provides free guided breathing and movement exercises to support mental and physical health. 


Find a Yoga Therapist specialising in Cancer Care.

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