Pathways to a Deeper Connection - Experiential Workshops

14:00 pm - 14:30 pm and 

14:30 pm - 15:00 pm

There are many ways we can touch in to the deepest part of who we are, our connected selves. Simply, by closing our eyes, slowing down our breathing and bringing attention to our internal world, we move towards that aspect of our being.


The idea behind these experiential workshops is to introduce methods and techniques that support you in deepening your awareness of your inseparable connection to others, to nature and to the universe.


They may have a quiet stillness to them, such as the HeartMath techniques, or they may have a more dynamic quality, such as the dance therapy. Each workshop will provide a demonstration of the technique and ideas on how you can use them to support your wellbeing once you return home.


It is possible that when we quieten our chattering mind, we will find emotions rising to the surface. These emotions can be light and freeing, but sometimes they feel heavy and challenging and may be emotions we have been ignoring for a long time as we sense their potential to cause pain.


Avoiding such emotions holds us back from the wisdom they offer and prevents us from developing a deep connection to our spiritual selves. On the other hand, when we venture into the vicinity of these emotions, embracing their presence and perhaps even exploring their meaning and purpose, we find they start to naturally shift.


Emotional Freedom Technique and Transformational Breathing are examples of methods that can safely connect us with our challenging emotions and help to clear them from our energetic system once their message has been felt.

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Workshop 1

Pathways to a deeper connection: HeartMath coherence techniques

Gavin Andrews

HeartMath coherence techniques allow the physical, mental and emotional systems to come into alignment with the powerful energetic resonance of the heart. This experience is deeply relaxing and healing for the body and also connects us to our deepest wisdom that communicates with our conscious mind via the heart.

Workshop 2

Pathways to a deeper connection: Healing through movement

Kirstie Simson

Movement therapy uses the power of music and rhythmic movement to move beyond the chattering mind and connect to the deeper self. It helps individuals achieve physical, cognitive and emotional alignment and as well as physical exercise, calms the mind and encourages energy flow. Collaboration lies at the heart of the work, facilitating the healing experience of trust generated through moving together with others.

Workshop 3

Transformational breath® is a form of conscious breathing that allows an individual to connect to challenging issues and the related painful emotions and clear the energy that surrounds them. It is a powerful approach for healing trauma, managing stress and sinking into a state of peace.

Workshop 4

Simply put, EFT is acupuncture for the emotions but without the use of needles, and provides a hugely accessible and clinically proven resource to manage challenging emotions. In an EFT session, the acupressure points are stimulated using gentle tapping while the individual thinks about an issue they wish to work on. As the points are stimulated this triggers energy flow throughout the meridian system which clears blockages formed by unresolved emotions. As the energy blockages clear, emotional pain dissipates.

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