Conference Sessions

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09:33 am - 09:45 am

Deep connection

Liz Butler


The literal meaning of ‘healing’ is a return to wholeness. We may know this, but how many of us really consider what this means when we are dealing with illness? Connection is important on many levels: internally – our cells and body systems must speak to one another for health; externally – we are meant to live harmoniously and in communication with other living beings; and globally – our collective strength is required for the wellbeing of our planet and all who inhabit it. However, there is another form of connection, one often overlooked, that is essential for us to fully embrace our wholeness and healing, this is our connection to spirit.

09:45 am - 10:45 am

Accepting challenges as opportunities

Petrea King


Suzanne Ruggles

MSc DipHE (Health Psychology) MFHT

At the core of many spiritual traditions lies the idea of acceptance of ‘what is’, and surrender. Focusing on the first of these, we are taught that by embracing the truth of our current situation (what scientists have termed ‘active acceptance’) we can release the tension that exists when we hold ourselves away or resist what is happening and by doing so take our first steps towards healing. However, acceptance of painful situations is not easy, so how can we begin to reframe our challenges, allowing ourselves to see the treasure of opportunity that lies within?

11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Transformation Through Turmoil

Steve Taylor

PhD, Senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University

Post-Traumatic Growth can occur suddenly and dramatically, which Steve Taylor calls transformation through turmoil (TTT). TTT brings a dramatic shift in identity, equivalent to a spiritual awakening, creating a new outlook, sense of appreciation, and wellbeing.

15:30 pm - 16:15 pm

Learning to trust

Kirstie Simson

As well as acceptance, many spiritual traditions speak of surrender as a powerful healing force. Surrender in spiritual terms means to hand over the outcome of our situation to a higher power. This is not the same as losing hope, sinking into despair and giving up. Quite the opposite. When we place our trust in a benevolent higher power and understand this all-knowing life source recognises our deepest needs in ways our conscious minds cannot, we gain the confidence to follow the intuitive signals we receive that lead us to ‘inspired action’. As we observe the positive outcomes from this approach our trust gradually builds and gratitude follows, and as our burdens become lighter, we free up energy for healing.

16:15 pm - 16:45 pm

The heart, our ‘Master Connector’

Liz Butler


The true role of our heart has been forgotten over many centuries. The heart is our ‘Master Connector’ connecting us internally, externally, globally and, most important, spiritually. As the mystics have long told us, the metaphysical heart, at the core of our being acts as the bridge between the material and spiritual realms and when we tune into its energies, we tap into our deepest wisdom. This wisdom is our best guide as we journey through life and will provide us with the support and direction we need as we face all number of challenges, including illness.

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